Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

07 December 2014

Terschelling, August '14

Looking back at our few days on the Isle Terschelling.

A lot of rain in the rest of Holland... wer were very lucky with the weather (and everything else really).
Ahhmmm a looonsome runner..

Buoys in perspective
A typical Wadden scene'

06 December 2014

Fortunate Magpie


05 December 2014

Autumn at Castle St. Gerlach

A few days at St. Gerlach Castle, during a beautiful, sunny autumn.


This is where we were staying! I love the extra window, painted on the wall  (behind it was our (very spacious) bathroom)).

17 July 2013

Sunny Setting.

Last week's view from my lovely home.
And as the sun sets (and smiles) over Amsterdam, so it sets over this blog.

Being busy with the business, a new website (which might include a 'professional' blog) and actually making/marketing jewellery, are the reasons for this "blog-slumber".
I'm hoping, the next phase will be a wonderful experience.

Thank you, to all who have, faithfully, followed this blog.
I'll give details of my website, as soon as it's ready and 'keep you posted' !

17 June 2013

Double 'Pounder'

The sound of a piledriver causing its familiar, rhythmic sound of...Thud, Thud....Thud, Thud...  has suddenly gone up a beat. Two of them are now taking turns in 'pounding' huge piles into the ground.
Good to see that, despite the crisis, this work is still under construction! (tram depot area, mentioned before)

25 May 2013

Mallorca Wild Life!

On our way to the airport, we stopped by Marja and Michel to admire their beautiful home and stayed for dinner which we enjoyed outside, on their patio, in the sun. While picking some fresh mint from their vegetable patch we found a small snake, who was enjoying his own dinner....a Gekko. CREEPY!

24 May 2013


In desperate need of some 'aaaaaahhhh-exhale-in-the-sun-time' we were able to rent Casita 'Sal de Mar' in Port de Soller, Mallorca. It belongs to a group of friends and it's absolutely lovely. Newly renovated and open to holiday people since last month. For their website, click on: SAL DE MAR
The view from one of our 3 balconies:
It's a great place to go for long (mountain)-walks and end up having a yummy lunch in spectacular surroundings.
Restaurant Nautilus and Cala Deia
Fresh fish, brought in by the fishing boats and 'transported' to restaurants on wooden carts (right under our noses!) A baby shark (in the harbour), discarded by the fishermen.