Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

27 December 2011


Christmas Day, together in Amsterdam. Lovely!
Bollinger, blinis, caviar and super-smoked-salmon.

15 December 2011

Jewellery by 'Sluis juwelen'.

This weekend there will be another opportunity to enjoy, admiring/buying, some of the fabulous and original Sluis Jewellery by sisters Wilna, Ine and Mary click here for website.
Together with Henriƫtte, I'll be there to lend a helping hand. Below, a beautiful blue/grey Mabe Pearl, set in a unique ring-design (one of Mary's trade marks).

13 December 2011

Different Dinners

These are busy times for most people and I have to say that the last few weekends have been fully booked.
The Sunday before last, we had my parents and sister (from England) over for dinner. It was lovely to have them here.
Joking with my sis Marlies.

On top of that, the neighbours had asked me to act as 'Zwarte Piet" (Sinterklaas' helpers). This meant I had to sneak into their home, while the innocent little children were singing. Then scare the living daylights out of them by suddenly throwing candy, full force, across the floor, after which I would have to run away and slammmmmm the door behind me (having left a sack, filled with presents, at the front door).....Mission accomplished with help from Eric!
In disguise with candy + sack
Last Sunday we had our 2nd mini-reunion with our boarding school friends,  this time with partners.
Christien and Jan-Gerrit had invited us to their home in Epe and it was an extremely successful evening. They had cooked a beautiful 3 course dinner for us, with some 'silky' wine and grappa from Italy.
A great time with great friends.

12 December 2011

Tree's up!

6th of December and I've already decorated the Christmas tree. (Sometimes it seems as if there are 4 trees, because of the many reflections in the windows (even the neighbours')).
MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone 

08 December 2011

Dubai Grandeur in Mall

An amazing waterfall in the Dubai Mall and a video of a fountain show, outside, with music and lights.
Close up of 'divers' from waterfall

Butterflies everywhere

and a huge aquarium

02 December 2011

Glitz 'n Glamour

We did two tours into Dubai and saw the old as well as the new, opulent lifestyle.
I have taken so many pictures, but here are just a few.

Ploni and I, in front of the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall, millions of silk                                                                butterflies

Al Qasr.

Dubai skyline on 'the Creek'

01 December 2011

Our Hotel

Our hotel was an hour's drive away from Dubai City, 'coastal-desert-way'. We were both impressed by the quality of service, food, cleanliness and the spacious, comfortable set-up.

evening-view from balcony

rest. at back of hotel
view towards the sea

29 November 2011


We had two swimming pools (and a jacuzzi) at our "Al Hamra Fort Beach Hotel" but nothing beats a combination of a hot, sunny day, a warm, clear, blue sea, a sandy beach and a soft breeze.

Golden sunset

The service at the hotel and even on the beach was fantastic. Every parasol had a special button. Press it and a waiter would come running to take our orders...hmmm, cold Chardonnay and a plate of Gamba's please.

Many different birds would join us at the end of the day, looking for scraps of food. Some even thought a special serenade, might do the trick. Sorry mate, not even a crumb left.
Bird on my chair

26 November 2011

Guess where I am?

I thought it a good idea to have a little break and go somewhere warm, for a week. My friend Ploni decided to come with me, so here we are, In Ras Al Khaimah, in a fantastic hotel by the sea. Good weather guaranteed!
We're spending a lot of time relaxing, eating and swimming in the warm sea but have also done a sight seeing tour of the city (with body guard) and this evening Ploni and I will go on a desert safari (incl. Bar-b-q, belly dancing etc.)

Would love to have stayed at this amazing hotel (below), but lunch alone (excl. drinks) costs € 120,- p.p.
Above, Ploni drinking coffee, in the hotel lobby.

19 October 2011


Living in a big city means there's no escaping the sirens.
Early this morning, I was woken up by some which seemed to, suddenly, stop in our street.  Not being able to distinguish one siren from the other, I thought it best to see what was going on, in case there was a fire and I needed to make a quick get-away.
There was a police car parked on our curb (almost through our front door)...then more sirens and an ambulance arrived...a bit later, another one.
Somehow, I don't think it will be long before I'll be a 'Sound of Sirens' expert.
The scene from my balcony

17 October 2011


The title of this blog refers to me saying hello to the faithful followers of this blog who have persevered and not given up on me, but also to Amsterdam and its residents.
The reason, I've been 'off air' for so long is, partly, because I was busy with moving house and all that it entails (130-ish boxes, packed etc.)
However, the deafening silence was mainly due to an astoundingly inefficient, Dutch version of British Telecom which meant I was without home telephone, tv and, more importantly, Internet for almost 4 weeks.
Anyway....moving on...(because my whole head is turning purple and steam is coming from my ears, again)....I had a house-warming-drink at my apartment yesterday.
'Eric and friends' first went to run the Amsterdam-half-marathon and then came over for drinks and nibbles. Two of my old friends were also able to come and all I can say is that it was lovely to have the place full with people (especially after my trusty, little cat Jerry died just two days before, and the place felt empty).
So far, I love living here and we've (incl. Jerry) been able to enjoy some unexpected, fine weather on the balcony.
Post Marathon house warming drink

Jerry and I on the balcony

04 September 2011

Cinque Terre tour

Our 2nd to last stay was at the Park Hotel in Levanto, which was very comfortable but by that time we'd been spoilt with all the proper, home cooked food we'd been given before and here they could not match that. From Levanto we took the train for a visit to the picturesque 'Cinque Terre Vilages'.
We walked the stunning 'Via dell'Amore' from Riomaggiore to Manarola where, over the years, thousand of people sealed their undying love for each other by hanging padlocks wherever they could or even 'tying the knot' in pieces of plastic etc.
Back by train to Vernazza, where we had some amazing spaghetti con pesce by the harbour at rest. Gambero Rosso, then made our way up to the 'lookout'.

03 September 2011

San Gimignano, Toscana (26-8)

36 degrees and we decided to walk all the way to the top of the tallest tower. Well worth it though. It's a beautiful, authentic village.