Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

24 August 2011

More wine?

Another wine tasting. We so enjoyed the wine we had at Il Borgo that we'd asked our host 'Fabio' where we could buy some. He sent us to a small, family-run winery (Fratelli Natta) only 10 minutes drive away.
What Fun! We arrived at a huge barn and were welcomed in by hard working men in wellies. Out came many different bottles of wine, home made sausage and large chuncks of parmesan cheese. We ended up having a proper wine tasting session with lots of laughter, a 'language-mix' of Italian, French, German and Spanish and some form of sign language, which resulted in us buying a lot more wine than we'd planned.

22 August 2011

Sightseeing and wine tasting + result (21-8)

It's hot. It's very Hot! But it hasn't stopped us from going on today's, planned trip to Grinzane Cavour's castle, followed by a wine tasting in the nearby 'Cantina del Conte'.
Stunning views, and some mighty wine. I just HAD to buy a few bottles of Grappa, called Maddalena!
The Castle....
....and its King.
Barolo, Barolo, Barolooooo

Our choice of wine.

Grapes on the vine of the castle's vineyard.

Relais Il Borgo 20-8

After a beautiful drive from Menton to Albergo Ca'Vittoria in Tigliole, we were met by a firmly shut, cast-iron gate. It turned out, we had been given the wrong address and name of our hotel. Fortunately the owner let us in and helped us sort things out. After phoning our contacts we were given new directions and ended up at the impressive 'Relais Il Borgo' where we were met by our friendly host, who helped us settle in. We were pleased to hear that we were expected for dinner and were poured a cool aperitivo in the courtyard.
The food and wine were excellent (organic ingrediënts, homemade pasta etc.) Eric said he'd had the best salad ever!
For more info. go to

A cool dip in the pool before dinner.

In the courtyard with an extensive wine list (yum).

20 August 2011

On our way to Menton 18-8

It was a winding road to Menton but fun and exciting (according to excellent driver Eric).

Driving along Cannes Boulevard. Film buff Eric was in his element.

Our view from the car of the rich and famous.

We were extremely fortunate with our choice of hotel. What a view!
Eric and I both liked Menton a lot and were happy to notice a strong influence of 'the Italian way'. We strolled along the boulevard (with hundreds of, mostly, Frenchies) in the warm evening and enjoyed our goooood foooooood and wine, on one of the many terraces by the sea.

Room with a view.

Next Destination: Ca' Vittoria in Tigliole, Italy (we thought, but we were in for a surprise!)

Marseille 18-8-'11

The view from our hotel, of le Vieux Port in Marseille.

17 August 2011

Mas Cavard

Mas Cavard! What an awesome place to stay at. The host and hostess (Robert and Karin) are very gentle and easy going people. The food was superb and Robert (also cook/foodie etc.) used organic ingrediënts, whenever possible. It's a beautifully decorated, spacious Chambres d'hôtes and I highly recommend it to all 'leisure-lovers' in this world (yes,children too). For more info. have a look at

Thanks to a lovely young couple (you know who you are) we met at Chateau de Labessière, we are finally able to add our own photographs to this Blogg.

Here are a few to give you an idea. Click on photo's to get full impression.

Grilled baby-aubergine with balsamico and Basil (R)
Ingrediënts on one of the kitchen tables. Taken with iPad, hence 'painting-effect'.(below)

15 August 2011


Our hotel in Ancemont.

When we arrived, our host 'Renée 'appy to see you. Pleaze paye de cashe' was waiting for us at the door. Out of the 27 rooms, we had one of 3 rooms which are used for guests.
This Chateau was crammed full with little porcelain figurines and miniature paintings etc. and had a strict schedule of drinks at 7 and (fantastic, home cooked by Mrs. Renee) diner at 7.30.

We enjoyed our stay at this slightly eccentric place and even had one afternoon of reasonable weather.

On to Lyon.

07 August 2011

Not long now! + Birthday present.

All B&B's booked? ✓, House-/Cat sitter in place? ✓, Travel documents ✓, Car service? ✓, Travel guides? ✓, First aid/safety gear? ✓, Family oké? ✓-ish, Finances?...ermmm... Who knows, right now?

PS Guess what Eric gave me for my birthday yesterday (see bottom of page)?