Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

18 January 2011


Oké, so I was given a beautiful docking station for my i-phone, this Christmas and have taken to the task of downloading all my CD's onto the lap top and then 'syncing' it with my phone, with great gusto.
I have found CD's I never even knew I had and am having lots of fun going through them all.

The collection is diverse, to say the least, and LARGE. There have been days of non-stop-downloading and I'm not even half way!
A few more weeks to go, by which time my eyes will probably look like CD's and my brain will be pulp, but hey, the job will be done and I'll be able to listen to some fiiiiiiiiine music.

13 January 2011

Gas delivery

Living on a farm means that our gas supply comes from a tank in the back garden and gets delivered to our door. This one's a biggie.
It went dark
Too big to make the turning
dragging the hose back

11 January 2011

Jerry says Hi!

My cat Jerry seems to have suddenly decided that life under her blanket is a good life.

I try to coach her from under there by speaking encouraging, soothing words (through the blanket) and get happy litlle miauw's back (through the blanket).
I entice her with cat-sweets which, in the end, are left ... under the blanket and, you guessed it, get eaten....under the...

Sometimes, the blanket moves a bit or even purrrrrrrs, but that's pretty much it!
She has found a way of letting me know she's oké though, and says Hi.

06 January 2011

New Year in England

This year, we had been invited for the 2nd time, to celebrate the New Year with the entire 'Sluis Clan' (which is what I call them).
Wilna and Allard had booked the magnificent Bruisyard Hall in England (Suffolk). It was a great place for all 19 of us and there was something to do for everyone. Be it: helping in the kitchen, playing pool, reading quietly by the open fire in the elegant lounge, watching tv in a separate lounge or lighting the bonfire!
I loved walking from one room into the other and experiencing the different atmosphere in each room. It was like having a 'palette of different family-settings' at my disposal.
If I were a cat, you would have heard me purr, very loudly.
Eric and I had gone by plane and then rented a car. It was so good to drive through the English countryside, visit some villages, have a drink at the Pub and eat 'chunky chips', Stilton and Cheddar again.

Framlingham Castle

Arend decided to ask the owner for permission to light the HUGE bonfire in a 'lower-field' and most of us spent a few hours there, keeping the fire going.

Ladies, all dressed up.

And of course there was the Jools Holland count down, Champagne,  Fireworks,  many hugs and kisses and Party Time!

Fireworks and Champagne
Once again we had a fantastic time with this warm and welcoming family. CHEERS Sluis Family and a great New Year to everyone.