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30 June 2011

Dragonfly Doom (photo's of the month)

They're back! With a vengeance, I might add.
Apparently, I live in 'Dragonfly Heaven' although it means 'Dragonfly Doom' for any insect that comes anywhere near this place.
At this time of year, they zip around at incredible speed and when all is calm and there's no wind, I can hear them coming by the 'clicking'sound of their wings.
They are fierce and ferocious insects and show no mercy. Heads roll (literally).
I don't know what it is. Maybe I attract insects, or maybe I look like one, but they seem to have it in for me too. The near misses happen just a little too quickly, too often, for it to be 'just coincidence'.
As for the Damselflies. They're smaller and have a sweet name...but they're NOT!
They're all beautiful...but...those eyes!!!
Here are a few pictures (enlarging, a must).

13 June 2011

Herring in Holland with Natasha

My niece Natasha was over from England for a few days. Due to a public transport strike in Amsterdam, we decided to skip seeing the sights there and stay closer to home, instead.
It turned into a day with a 'typically Dutch' theme and it was lovely to spend some time with her and catch up with the latest (graduation end of this month!, charity work, jobs and travels).
It just so happened that it was the day of the 'Hollandse Nieuwe' (Holland's New)! This is the term used for the first catch of herring, of the year. Yes people, it is true. We eat raw, 'salted' herring in Holland, usually with raw onion, pickles and accompanied with Jenever (Dutch Gin).Herring info. click here.
Next on the menu were some 'poffertjes' (mini blinis with butter and icing sugar) which went down well. Later, in a trendy  café in Leiden (near me) we had some 'bitterballen' (deep fried, meat-ragout balls).

Hollandse Nieuwe in Scheveningen, The Hague.
A whole festival is organised around this event and the first 'tub' of herring is always auctioned for an enormous amount which is given to charity. This year it was sold for € 67.0000,-
Tasha is showing how to eat herring in Holland (the gentleman behind her had about 3, while we were there).

The garish interior of this 'poffertjes-p(a)lace' is very typical. This is an antique, copper, handmade 'poffertjes-iron'. The copper plate gets heated and the batter gets poured into the little 'dimples'. Once they're done on one side, the cook deftly turns them over with a sharp, two pronged fork.
Bitterballen in Leiden
One of my favourite café-restaurants in Leiden is called 'de Poort'. Part of the ancient gateway to Leiden has been transformed into this modern restaurant, by the water.
Tasha admiring the lampshades.