Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

26 February 2012

Just plug 'em in.

Around the corner from me, we now have parking space with electrical charging stations for the fabulous Car2Go. I love the idea of this, very accessible, quiet and cheap means of transport, within the city of Amsterdam. Click on information (and then on Amsterdam).

Charging Station

16 February 2012

Ice skating on Amsterdam Canals 11-2-12

It was a cold, sunny saturday and while I was busy grocery shopping, these scenes just took my breath away. A typical Dutch 'still life' with 'koek-en-zopie' stands on the ice (food/cakes and traditional, hot drink made out of malt beer/milk, rum, cinnamon and cloves.)

13 February 2012

Last-minute-meet/Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

At the last minute, a few friends were able to get together for a, surprise, celabratory drink at the, very cool, Conservatorium Hotel.
Just after we arrived in the lobby, they suddenly appeared from behind some ancient pillars and congratulated a slightly stunned Eric.
Later we 'retreated' to our table for two at the hotel's Tunes restaurant. I was pleased I'd booked several weeks before, because the place was packed (with quite a few famous people, I might add).
I've heard different opinions on the restaurant/food, but we both thought it was excellent, with an interesting (in a good sense) menu, as well as professional service (marks? 8 out of 10).
Added 22-2-12. Never thought I'd be more strict than our notorious food critic Johannes van Dam, who ranks 'Tunes' amongst the best restaurants in Amsterdam with 9.5 (see: Dutch aritcle).
(Below) what used to be the courtyard is now 'encased' in glass.

For more info click here

05 February 2012

Wintery traces

Am Very grateful to have a warm, cosy home and can therefore enjoy this cold weather's traces (worth enlarging).
Geese are gone. Only footprints left

02 February 2012

Cold Canards in Canals of Amsterdam

Oké, so I know they're not exactly 'canards, they're geese (I just liked the title.)
However, that doesn't take away anything from the fact that these feathered friends (be it duck, coot or goose) are in dire straits.
Their watery domain is slowly changing into ice and they don't like it one bit. Every time they set off on their routine tours of Amsterdam, they hit the ice and then turn back all 'diffused-like'.
-7/-10 Celcius and the ice is gaining territory, slowly but surely.
What a difference a day makes!