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23 April 2012

Art, Antiques & Design (+ entoforms??) fair, Rosmalen

I was running low on 'Art-Input' a good thing (and 'my fella' will second that). Therefore, a rather hasty decision was made to visit the AFSH (for Dutch info click on: Fair).
This year it took place at its new location: the Autotron, Rosmalen. Not too far to drive, easy to find, with ample parking. There was a good mix of old and new on offer. I really liked the relaxed/friendly atmosphere, which made it easy to talk to the gallery owners and there was plenty of space for everyone browsing around. All in all a wonderful day, which ended with loud singing in the car, on the way back.
My favourite, were these wire mesh sculptures which cast perfect, 'photographic' shadows, by Randy Cooper. Beautifully made by hand, not machine. For more info click on: SCULPTURES. And then there were.........
This was something I'd not yet seen before. Teamwork between an artist and his computer produced these strange looking creatures, called 'entoforms'. Through DNA specifications given to the computer, it then designs and 'grows' following generations. Each specimen can be formed with the use of a 3D printer. This little one's called Natalie Portman. I wonder what her offspring will look like?

18 April 2012

Dutch bulbs (at groundlevel)/Keukenhof

Because it was a beautiful day, we decided to have a look at the bulbs up close this time, and went to the Keukenhof. Thousands of others had the same idea, but Keukenhof was big enough to fit all of us in, without it getting too crowded.

There are quite a few pavilions with different shows on and all around there are typical Dutch 'goodies' on offer ranging from colourfull clogs to freshly made 'Stroopwafels' (Syrup waffles). We enjoyed the walk through the park, being enveloped by the amazing scent of, mostly, tulips and hiacynths, best. All in all, I was more impressed than I thought I'd be. Here's the link: KEUKENHOF

13 April 2012

Dutch bulbs from above

My friend Caroline was over from England and she really wanted to see the bulbs in bloom. Through some friends, I was able to arrange a flight over the fields of bulbs, with pilot Ferdinand at the helm, and keep it all secret, till the last day. We went, we saw and we loved every minute of it. What a fantastic way of seeing more of Holland and... The Bulbs...(sounds like the title of a horror film.) We even landed on the Island 'Texel' for lunch and both of us were allowed to do a bit of 'piloting'...COOL!
We ended the day by having an evening meal at 'Nogal Wiedus' in Huisduinen, with its fantastic view. My oh my, is this country flat or what???

Bulb fields from above

Den Helder
Cal at helm

Leaving Texel

Nogal Wiedus
Typical IJsselmeer scene

09 April 2012

Eye film museum

Eye museum, from the ferry
On the fifth of April, the new Eye film museum opened her doors to the public. We were there with a group of friends to check out the place and see 'Intouchables' (2nd time for some of us, and even better than 1st time!!)  I really liked the building and set up with 'arena-like hall' but could have done without the very bright lights changing from pink to green to blue, which 'outshone' the cool 'cluster-lamps' in the restaurant/bar area. There's a large terrace, overlooking the water and the City which will be a nice place to have a drink or meal, during summer. To get to the museum, we took the ferry (5 min.) from Central Station and then it's a 2 min. walk. During the crossing, they played loud, cool, film music which was Fun and several people (ahum) could not stop themselves from 'dancing to the beat'. There's a lot the place has to offer so check out the site, click on: EYE.

'blue light-view'

06 April 2012