Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

28 December 2010

Family at Christmas

The game with no name.
I was never a great lover of games (although that has changed over the last few years) but I have to say that playing this game, created by my family, has been one of the most hilarious, noisy, disorganized and crazy moments of this season.
Everyone was talking at the same time while rules were made up and altered as we went along (guess what that did to my adaptability/coping-mechanism?), presents were exchanged, disappeared, or just happened to suddenly appear out of nowhere. It was fun and it was GREAT to have the family together again.

After that we all went for a fantastic Christmas Diner at Restaurant Cap Ouest in Scheveningen.

22 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Great New Year to all.
Wishing you Health, Happiness and Good Fortune

Is it, or isn't it?

I t'ought I t'aw a......

08 December 2010

Winter on the farm

It's cold on the farm.  Fog and minus zero temperatures have caused hoar-frost which makes for some beautiful pictures.
Water for the birds turns into bricks of ice, which won't melt and stack up. Each morning I have to pour boiling water on the frozen 'watering hole' for the goats. They thirstily suck up the water, as if they're camels.

07 December 2010

Brussels, Part 1/Hotel

On the spur of the moment, Eric and I decided to spend a weekend in Brussels. Not realising that it was a special Sinterklaas+Santa Claus+Chrismas Fair+Lightparade-weekend, Eric miraculously, managed to book a hotel anyway.
We hopped into the car and drove into the sunset, oblivious to the Blizzard which struck Holland as we crossed the border, on our way to the hotel.
Our hotel was beautiful and yet....slightly odd.

It seemed that life and reality had outgrown the hotel, which made it quirky and those who know me, also know that I LIKE quirky. Just a few examples:
. Our roomnr. 403, regularly, got confused with 405, which meant that room service kept bringing us things we hadn't ordered and one night we were given the key to the other room.
. The emergency? exit next to our room (which I peeked into, because of strange, 'dripping-grotto'-like noises coming from behind the door) turned out to be a medieval, stone, spiral staircase, which led into the deeeeep, daaaaark, abdominal dungeons of Brussels.
. Our car was parked 5 floors down, underground, underneath the Hotel in one of those dungeons, which was kept dry by some screeching, gurgling and vibrating propellor which made my hair stand on end.
. I had placed my jewelry in the safe and it refused to give them back to me!!! Concierge came with codes, keys and cork screws, but nothing worked, until 1 hour before departure, 2 days later.
. The elevators were tiny. Eric and I would only just fit.
. The concierge told bad jokes.

None of this mattered and it only made our stay more interesting and colorful, because the staff were very friendly and trying sooooo hard to keep up with demands. The food was good, once it was there, There was a parking space, reserved for us...and it was warm and dry. Room service was efficient, even when we didn't want it. There were many other emergency exits. I got my jewelry back, unscathed. The concierge?.....well, at least he laughed. And so did we!
All of this in a beautiful setting (see picture above).

30 November 2010

Jewelry at Castle, Slot Zeist

Another Jewelry exhibition but, this time, at a different castle. It was held at the impressive, 17th century 'Slot Zeist' and there was an interesting mix of antique and contemporary jewelry on offer. click here for info. in Dutch.

There was a German stand which showed some interesting designs of jewelry and watches.
I particularly liked the expandable diamond ring (into a bracelet), from their ZOOM range. Revolutionary, beautifully made, practical and very comfortable (Naturally, I just had to try it on). To see how it works, click on expandable ring.
My favorite however, were the rings with one, or more  .... 'wobbly diamond setting(s)' see moving diamond. Such fun, and such sssssparkle!!
Another interesting idea, also for men, were the 'MeisterSinger' watches with just a single hand. Elegant and still easy to tell the time on. Single hand watch.

21 November 2010

Festivities, Film, Food and Fair

The time of celebrations has started in Holland.
Sinterklaas. It just so happens that the Dutch have their own saint Nicolas. We celebrate his existence by giving each other presents on the 5th of december but he actually arrives in Holland several weeks earlier (with his helpers called black Peters) by steam boat from Spain. For more info. click on Saint Nic..

We happened to be in Schevingen Harbour when the saint had just arrived, bearing gifts for the children. Thousands of people were there (including crown prince Alexander, princess Maxima and their daughters).
st. Nic. with gifts

Christmas here used to be a more religious celebration without presents but is changing into the commercial, 'American' version which is becoming more prominent. 
The result has a sort of schyzophrenic effect. One of the main squares in Amsterdam is decorated and transformed into a 'Christmas' Winter Wonderland, whereas our Dutch st. Nicolas celebrations won't take place for another 2 weeks. Collision-time between Saint Nicolas and Santa Claus... well weird!

Anyway, out of loyalty to Nic. and his friends, Eric and I decided to see a new film (with a twist) about this man. The twist was, that it was a horror film! I think it's fair to say, that I didn't like it. Half the time I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or hide under my seat. There were quite a few 'jump-out-of your-seat moments' though and, if you like that sort of thing, you'll probably like this !!!

To get over the shock (mine), we decided to have a nice meal in the friendly café/restaurant just around the corner called Pacific Parc. It was lovely. Very friendly service, great pub/bistro like food (my steak was excellent), Fine wine, good music, a large, ball shape, open fire place in the middle and lots of space, even though it was fully booked. There were a few children playing near our table but they didn't bother me at all. Definitely a place I would like to go to more often.
See here (scroll down to Pacific Parc).
Both the Cinema and the restaurant are situated on the grounds of the Westergasfabriek. A lot happens and is organised on these premises.
Among other things there is a really nice market/fair, every 1st sunday of the month, which has a very wide range of things on offer. I recommend going there and am looking forward to this year's Christmas Market on the 12th of December. More info Here

17 November 2010

Time flies when you're having fun

'Shark walking' (glass)

It's been a while since my last entry, but time flies when you're having fun!

Eric and I went to the Affordable Art Fair and a week later Mary joined us when we visited the International Jewelry Art Fair.
Both were held at the WesterGasfabriek and both had some surprising art/designs on show.

We did feel, however, that quite a few of the items shown at the AAF this year were there at last year's AAF and also at last month's Arti10 Fair in The Hague. With that in mind, I think that skipping a year is probably a good idea but missing out on them altogether would be a real shame.
Here are a few pictures of the AAF:

Print on aluminium

The JAF.
The International Jewelry Art Fair exhibited a very wide range of jewelry. Varying from the extremely modern and unconventional (or preposterous, according to some) to the more sedate and traditional.
I really enjoyed it and loved finding out more about the latest techniques, materials and ideas.
click Here (then click on name of participant to see their designs).
It was good to meet Mary there and the two of us could be found drooling over the most beautiful pieces.

What I really liked was the fact that, during the four days of the exhibition, lots of other, related events were organised all over Amsterdam by three forward looking young ladies who set up Min-Association more info and here. Well done girls!

i.e. Waiters in Café 'De Jaren' were asked to participate by wearing (sometimes, strange) 'jewelry' (see picture below)

01 November 2010

Quick announcement for Jewelry Art Fair A'dam

For all those who like to have a look at some weird and wonderful jewelry at a great location, THIS sounds like a good place to go to. For information in English, click on link and then on British Flag.

I'm hoping to go myself and will report back at a later date.

'Rotterdam-Chick-Invasion' and Cheese fondue

Once upon a time I lived in Rotterdam, for about 10 years. There I made some new friends (Spip + Annelies) and caught up with an old college friend (Gelske).
During that time, we decided it would be a good idea if the four of us would meet up occasionally, and set the world right, over dinner.
However, the last time we met up like that, was about seven years ago, during a visit (because, somehow or other, I had gotten it into my head that it was a good idea to emigrate from Holland).
Now that I was back, it was high time to 'rekindle the old flame'.

Not easy to get these 3 Mighty Maidens together, but we succeeded and so, for a short time, my home was reverberating with the sound of loudly, proclaimed solutions to political problems, profound statements, a no-nonsense approach to life's ups and downs and hilarious anecdotes which made us collapse into fits of laughter.
All of this while eating Salad made by Spip, a proper Cheese fondue + extra's by your's truely and for dessert Annelies had brought home made Apple Pie. Gelske decided to bring us some lovely presents, just for the fun of it.

Late that night, still full of beans, they thought it a good idea to try on my latest jewelry. Spip joined us a bit later and said that we made as much noise as hundreds of chickens trying to 'out-cluck' each other.

When they left, and the door closed behind them, peace settled in my home again. I was walking around with a huge grin on my face, full of admiration for these powerful, strong, yet gentle and considerate women.
Mighty Maidens
Spip preparing a salad
as Ladies look on
Almost ready
Sharing pictures

Thank you for presents
Late night jewelry-fitting

23 October 2010

And then there was the ½ Marathon

Take a sunny, 'crisp' Sunday, add around 31,000 sporty people with a determined look in their eyes,  mix in some expert  'event-organisers', place them all together in the big melting-pot called Amsterdam and you've got yourself a Marathon.

'They' went, I watched (and was well impressed). Aleide, Lillian, Sjors, Ron and Eric.
Lillian, Sjors and Eric waiting for Aleide
The crowds near the start were so dense, that it made me wonder how anyone could ever run with so many people crammed together. Turned out, it wasn't easy.
Sjors and Eric before 'take off'
Eric in crowd, at start
After the runners had gone, there was a lot of 'residue' left. Many people wear old jumpers, while waiting for the start-sign, which they then cast aside, once they start running. Sjors saw an opportunity in some clever advertising for 'his' sailing magazine 'Zilt' (see picture below).
What the flock left behind
I waved the flock goodbye, took their bags and found myself a good spot, next to the finish line, in the Amsterdam Olymic Stadium. Enjoying a cold but beautiful day and happily chatting to the people around me, whilst keeping an eye on the clock (I had been given an ETA schedule!!!).
My view
There was a constant stream of runners (also in fancy dress) coming in. I spotted Ron (because of signature black+red dotted handkerchief on head).
Ron just after finish
Two cows crossing
Then Sjors and Eric came in to be followed by Aleide and Lillian (who beat her PB by 6.36 min.!). Eric came back to show me his medal and let out a cry of victory. Not sure about the guy next to him though. I think he let out a cry of pain and nearly  threw up! (see picture below)
Sjors on the look out for Lillian
Runners queueing after crossing the finish line
Afterwards, we all cycled to Ron and Anjet, who had invited us to their lovely home to celebrate with Champagne and 'lekkere hapjes' (tasty bites). Wonderful.

15 October 2010

Pretty Produce

Requests have come in to show some more pictures of the latest jewelry. So here goes and here's to you Cal and Marlies.

(Clips) 'Cal's Bells'
Silver drop (1,5 cm.)+lilac pearl

(Pegs) 'MarBella's'
Silver,  pearl rosette+drop

Seed Pearl Bracelet
Silver clasp (1,5 cm.)

(Clips) 'Flor'
 Silver (2,2 cm.) + Pearl