Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

04 September 2011

Cinque Terre tour

Our 2nd to last stay was at the Park Hotel in Levanto, which was very comfortable but by that time we'd been spoilt with all the proper, home cooked food we'd been given before and here they could not match that. From Levanto we took the train for a visit to the picturesque 'Cinque Terre Vilages'.
We walked the stunning 'Via dell'Amore' from Riomaggiore to Manarola where, over the years, thousand of people sealed their undying love for each other by hanging padlocks wherever they could or even 'tying the knot' in pieces of plastic etc.
Back by train to Vernazza, where we had some amazing spaghetti con pesce by the harbour at rest. Gambero Rosso, then made our way up to the 'lookout'.

03 September 2011

San Gimignano, Toscana (26-8)

36 degrees and we decided to walk all the way to the top of the tallest tower. Well worth it though. It's a beautiful, authentic village.