Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

31 May 2011

Green Parakeet, Photograph's of the month (May)

Green parakeets with a red band around their necks have decided to settle in our lush, green trees. They're seen almost all over Holland now, but have only recently moved to our area.
This one is extremely well camouflaged ... So, the parakeet! (clicking on picture (twice!) will make it easier)

30 May 2011

Little additions

Friday evening, while Eric was parking the car, I heard him ask:"What's that?" He was pointing at something small on the grass. There they were....two little fluff balls, born that morning.
They're healthy, playful and absolutely adorable.

Jerry didn't know what to make of these tiny intruders and decided to fluff up her tail to let them know that 'the Lady of the Manor' was NOT amused.

01 May 2011

Queens Day in Amsterdam

Queens day in Holland is a National Holiday (info on Queens day). Officially it's about celebrating our queen's birthday but, basically, it's used as an excuse for 'major PARTY-TIME'.
This was my first Queens day in Amsterdam...The place to be. Especially if you're on a boat, cruisin' the canals, as we were.
Most people dress up in something orange (royal colour). There were hundreds of thousands of people, crammed together, eating, drinking and dancing to the many different bands and music playing absolutely EVERYWHERE!
The weather was fantastic and, once again, I was impressed by the friendly and joyful atmosphere.
We were on a (thankfully, very solid) sloop with about 20 people. There were times when the canals were so crammed full with boats that we couldn't see where the water ended and the road began. 'Onlookers' would just jump from one boat onto another and 'walked across the water' from one side of the canal to the other side.
Some boats were like floating discotheques with mirror balls, smoke machines, confetti- or 'soap-bubble-blowers' and 'boom-box-brain-busters' (as I call them).
Honestly, the best way to give you an idea is by showing you these pictures. Don't forget to magnify by clicking on them.

Coffee and cake, while waiting for the others.

Taking off in well stocked sloop.

Fancy Dress.

Many onlookers.

Confetti and bubbles.

Almost stuck/completely stuck.

Young (love the ears) and old with funny head gear.

The wildlife 'just wasn't bothered' and continued to build nests with whatever could be found in this dirty water. See coot, on top of nest, in tyre and swans on raft.