Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

24 October 2012

Lunch at rest. Mercat, Amsterdam

Today, Leonie and I decided to try out the new, Spanish cuisine, restaurant Mercat on Oostelijke Handelskade 4.
Cool place, at great location (except for dug up road). Quality of food?... For my review click on my food blog: Me-me-linkfood.Amsterdam.
Added, saturday 27-10-'12: Dutch article by Johannes van Dam in PS van de week with his review on Mercat. This proofs how restaurants, chefs (and food critics) can have good- and bad days.

14 October 2012

Swallow 'skimming' the water

10 October 2012

Olive grove at location 2

Our second 'home' was very different from the first one but great. We'd booked a room at Al Crepuscolo, Montefiore, which was an interesting mix of hotel/holiday let, located on the grounds of a large Olive grove. It's a family run business, with grandpa pruning trees, grandma making sure the rabbits are fattening up, aunty in charge of the mill, etc. We chose to eat at the restaurant most evenings, where Sonia and cousin Elisabetta prepared delicious local food for us (at  breakfast, fresh eggs from the 'galline'). What struck us most was, the gentle and kind nature of this family.
Their olive oil is well known (also abroad). They make soap, hand cream etc. from the oil too, which is pressed at their own, old, mill, under the brand Gabrielloni.
Because it was late in te season, we had the entire top floor, incl. lounge and little kitchen, to ourselves and, most days, the two of us were able to admire the view (land and sea), from the garden, by ourselves (well, plus G+T, of course). See: Al Crepuscolo

One of our afternoons was spent at the nearby village Recanati, where the famous poet Giacomo Leopardi was born, see: G. Leopardi.
They like their castles and towers here, so we decided to end up having a yummy meal at restaurant 'il Borgo Antico', with VERY large wine list, in the cellar of a tower. see: Borgo Antico.
All these places are soooo worth a visit.

03 October 2012

Home cookin' at location 1

Last year we went on a cullinary tour, which meant a lot of travelling/packing to different places, where we were wined and dined on. This year we chose to stay at two 'agriturismo' locations and, most days, we'd cook for ourselves.
First there would be a long run of approx. 25 km. (not by me), then a cool dip in the large pool with fantastic view, followed by a little snooze, reading of good book/daydreaming, followed by  G+T plus nibbles
after which we would move ourselves into the, well stocked, round kitchen..
for some fiiiiiiine, home cookin'...