Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

23 February 2013

Best Calamari in town

Want to know where, I believe, the best Fried Calamari rings in Amsterdam are served?
Click on my foodblog: ME-ME-LINKFOOD.AMSTERDAM.

21 February 2013

Screaming Beans

I'm trying to catch up on my food-blog-reviews and because I mentioned Screaming Beans, recently, I thought it best to quickly add it to the others.
So, for the full story, click on: SONJA'S FOODBLOG

18 February 2013

On the Up and Up

I've lived here for just over a year now, and even during that fairly short time I've noticed how quickly the area seems to be on the Up and Up (as they say).
The once, slightly dodgy, massage salons and, pungent smelling 'coffee shops' have been replaced by clean, light, inviting bagel-and-coffee places or comfy restaurants with 'honest' food on their menus and even a few, classy, restaurants like Screaming Beans (an absolute must).
Last week, the new kid on the block called Bilder & De Clerq turned out to be a 'Ready, Steady, Cook' type of supermarket, mainly intended for working couples or single people, who just don't have the time to think long and hard about what they're going to eat (let alone cook) that evening.
We went to have a browse and were pleasantly surprised. An amazing idea, well excecuted at a great location. Looks like it will be an instant Hit!

Here's a fun, English link, I found on the internet :BILDER & DE CLERQ

14 February 2013

Birthday treat, Vinkeles Amsterdam

Any excuse for a special treat (and one of our favourite occupations)!
Occasion: Eric's birthday, Treat: dinner at Vinkeles.
Vinkeles, hotel The Dylan on the Keizersgracht has 1 Michelin star and we could taste and experience why.
A lovely, warm and welcoming place, oozing history.
Our baby-faced, extremely knowledgeable, sommelier not only poured us the (birthday-surprise) champagne and our choice (not his) of wine from Italy (Il Templare) but also fed our brains with the interesting information we had asked for.
Executive chef Dennis Kuipers delighted us with delicious, and sometimes spectacular, food-creations which were served by professional staff with an eye for detail.
An amazing evening, made even more special by our view of the, beautifully lit, courtyard garden, while proper snowflakes fell, slowly, from the heavens and formed a thick, white carpet. We couldn't have wished for a more romantic evening.