Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

28 December 2010

Family at Christmas

The game with no name.
I was never a great lover of games (although that has changed over the last few years) but I have to say that playing this game, created by my family, has been one of the most hilarious, noisy, disorganized and crazy moments of this season.
Everyone was talking at the same time while rules were made up and altered as we went along (guess what that did to my adaptability/coping-mechanism?), presents were exchanged, disappeared, or just happened to suddenly appear out of nowhere. It was fun and it was GREAT to have the family together again.

After that we all went for a fantastic Christmas Diner at Restaurant Cap Ouest in Scheveningen.

22 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Great New Year to all.
Wishing you Health, Happiness and Good Fortune

Is it, or isn't it?

I t'ought I t'aw a......

08 December 2010

Winter on the farm

It's cold on the farm.  Fog and minus zero temperatures have caused hoar-frost which makes for some beautiful pictures.
Water for the birds turns into bricks of ice, which won't melt and stack up. Each morning I have to pour boiling water on the frozen 'watering hole' for the goats. They thirstily suck up the water, as if they're camels.

07 December 2010

Brussels, Part 1/Hotel

On the spur of the moment, Eric and I decided to spend a weekend in Brussels. Not realising that it was a special Sinterklaas+Santa Claus+Chrismas Fair+Lightparade-weekend, Eric miraculously, managed to book a hotel anyway.
We hopped into the car and drove into the sunset, oblivious to the Blizzard which struck Holland as we crossed the border, on our way to the hotel.
Our hotel was beautiful and yet....slightly odd.

It seemed that life and reality had outgrown the hotel, which made it quirky and those who know me, also know that I LIKE quirky. Just a few examples:
. Our roomnr. 403, regularly, got confused with 405, which meant that room service kept bringing us things we hadn't ordered and one night we were given the key to the other room.
. The emergency? exit next to our room (which I peeked into, because of strange, 'dripping-grotto'-like noises coming from behind the door) turned out to be a medieval, stone, spiral staircase, which led into the deeeeep, daaaaark, abdominal dungeons of Brussels.
. Our car was parked 5 floors down, underground, underneath the Hotel in one of those dungeons, which was kept dry by some screeching, gurgling and vibrating propellor which made my hair stand on end.
. I had placed my jewelry in the safe and it refused to give them back to me!!! Concierge came with codes, keys and cork screws, but nothing worked, until 1 hour before departure, 2 days later.
. The elevators were tiny. Eric and I would only just fit.
. The concierge told bad jokes.

None of this mattered and it only made our stay more interesting and colorful, because the staff were very friendly and trying sooooo hard to keep up with demands. The food was good, once it was there, There was a parking space, reserved for us...and it was warm and dry. Room service was efficient, even when we didn't want it. There were many other emergency exits. I got my jewelry back, unscathed. The concierge?.....well, at least he laughed. And so did we!
All of this in a beautiful setting (see picture above).