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30 January 2013

Porcelain jewellery

Though production is in somewhat of a slump (due to an arm, which seems to have given up on me, momentarily) I was still able to take some pictures of the few things I did make. Looking forward to the moment I can start again, though.


Porcelain with gold lustre, gold, pearls, amethyst and zircon.
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29 January 2013

Confused Coot

(maybe not)

16 January 2013

Hot 'n Cold

Grebes courting
It felt like spring, two days ago:
buds on trees

And then suddenly...

11 January 2013

Mum 80

collection of old pictures and documents

There I was, having a quiet afternoon with a few others at my mothers' when, out of the blue, she said something about having a party for her 80th birthday.
Suddenly, a tangible increase of awareness filled the room. Heads looked up and eyes darted, nervously, from one person to an other.
What?.....what was that?....did?....did mum just mention the oh!
When mum says party...she means... PARTAYYYYYY.

As soon as I got home, I called my sister in England: Hey, mum says she wants a party... (silence) ... Hello? ... Did she say Party or was it more like..drinks and nibbles? ... Nope, she said Party ... Okayyyyyy (spoken by someone who's little grey cells have just gone into overdrive), Uh oh! ... I know! .... Right, a plan of action is needed! I'll jot some things down and will get back to you. ... Great I already have an idea regarding presents and will also get back to you.
That's how it started.
In the end our 'Mum of Mums' (with help from Dick) managed to organise two parties. One, a sit down dinner for 50+ people at our favourite restaurant Flamingo Paradise and one for 27 'neighbours' at her apartment (with catering).
Both were a great success. The first was like a reunion of many old 'Shell friends' and also some relatives. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. "Best party in a long time", I was told by many.
Birthday Girl being sung to

sharing crazy times/praising mum

02 January 2013


2012....A volatile year for most, to say the least.

                    May 2013 be a GOOD-NEWS-YEAR.