Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

12 December 2012

Christmas Carol flash mob

Natasha surrounded by her friends
I'm sooo proud of my niece Natasha who was part of the coolest Christmas Carol flash mob, last Saturday. It was held at a shopping centre in Maidstone and organised by an amazing group of 'youngsters' from her church. Very Impressive!!!

It's been placed on You Tube. To watch it, please click on: FLASH MOB.    (don't miss out on the breakdancing bit).

8th December 2012, Maidstone Flash Mob, Kent, England.
Performed by Jubilee Church and Jubilee Training Centre to bring the precious message of Christmas to Maidstone shoppers. People were moved to tears at this amazing event.

Below, Natasha receives her certificate in Christian Ministries, together with her fellow students.

11 December 2012


Morning arrival
View from my chair
Beautiful people, beautiful jewellery, beautiful scenery.
Who wouldn't want to be part of this jewellery sale at a small castle. I so look forward to this annual event anyway, and this year it was made even more special because of early snowfall. Breathtaking outside and Cosy (with capital C) inside with the open fire, lovely mulled wine and fantastic jewellery giving us a glow.

There were loads of people and it was a great success. Drinks and nibbles are served, throughout the day and the extra service of Valet Parking means one can drive right up to the front door and not worry about slippery snow or ice. If you would like more information on this unique jewellery made by three sisters, please click on:SLUIS JUWELEN