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08 June 2012

Windy day!!!

03 June 2012

Opening of Skins Cosmetics and.. the Oyster King

Last Sunday, was the opening of the new Skins Cosmetics shop at the Conservatorium Hotel. Mary had been invited and asked me to come along with her and the children. Not one to forego an opportunity to visit this Hotel, I gladly joined them. The shop is beautiful and it was packed with people. Famous Dutchies were being followed around by cameras, while music was being played by an incredibly beautiful, funky, lady-DJ. Champagne and sushi were served and the 'Oyster King', laden with buckets of oysters, managed to move, deftly, through the crowds. We thought he was a rather impressive individual as he got people eating out of his hands, so to speak (although eating raw oysters is def. not my thing). A kind man with a good idea, who deserves to be mentioned. Have a look at his site by clicking on: OYSTER KING
Opening Skins Cosmetics
In lobby with goody bags
Mary 'slurps' oysters
Cool guy