Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

31 March 2013

Happy Easter

A lovely slooow day, with Easter Brunch and time to contemplate.
present for Easter

27 March 2013

Boring topic, but still?

Outside or in-, the first thing we talk about these days is....the weather. It may have become a boring topic, but I still find it remarkable that, this morning, on the 27th of march, the canal in front of my house was partly frozen over. Keeping in mind that this is the centre of Amsterdam. Thankfully, we have clear blue skies and therefore...Sunshine! I'm astounded to find that, all over Amsterdam, Dutchies are finding sheltered spots and are enjoying their lunch outside. I I actually belong to the same race???

Only 2 weeks ago!

21 March 2013


One of the reasons we like visting The International European Art Fair is that we combine it with a stroll through the city of Maastricht.
This time we went to see the amazing book store inside the (at least 700 years old) Dominican Church.

Also a beautiful place to have a light lunch
However, we particularly like the area called Wyck, on the East side of the river Maas, which is where we've stayed the last two times. It's absolutely charming with many, specialised shops and restaurants of high standard which offer quality (bespoke) products. Jo Cortenraedt (below) agrees.

During Tefaf, many shop windows are, artistically, decorated.
This is the local Butcher.

20 March 2013

Weekend Tefaf 2013

It was Tefaf-time and, once again, we spent a wonderful weekend in pretty Maastricht. At The European Fine Arts Fair, small improvements had been made (like small, portable 'kitchenettes' dotted around the place with good quality food, for a quick more crazy queues). The atmosphere was friendly and 'the world's population' was well represented (especially South America).

Fresh roses on huge, circular panels, sunk into the walls, and 'fairy tale bouquets' everywhere, spread their beautiful scent.

We particularly liked 'man with guitar' by Pablo Picasso (above) and the ring by Buccellati, which I tried on two years ago (april 2011 blog), was still there (I think it has my name on it)!!!
Not many people I know visit this Fair but if anyone feels like a nice day out...there's still time (until the 24th).
Here's the link: TEFAF

11 March 2013

More neighbourhood-progress

It was the First (and only) day, when the weather was warm enough to sit outside on my balcony, last week. Picture me all homely and peaceful, cleaning, organic, brussels sprouts on a piece of newspaper. Suddenly I heard a low rumble and a lot of clanging noises when, out of nowhere, two huge cranes, slowly, loomed over the rooftops opposite me. What in the....?
Turns out, work has started on renovating the old tram depot, behind the next row of houses, and turning it into a centre for Media, Culture, Fashion and Trade. Tv studios, Cinemas, Restaurants, small businesses, Art, Shops, Training name it!
It's a large and amazing project, which will take 2 years to build... If they stick to the plan, it will be Good for the neighbourhood!
For those who are interested, please click on: TRAM DEPOT RENOVATION
Here's an impression of what some of it will look like.
I'm really excited about the end product. I realise that after two years of earth tremors, pounding of huge posts into the ground and everything else that comes with building work, I might sing a different tune. But for now....Hey Ho, Here we go...UPWARDS AND ONWARDS.

01 March 2013

Little Red Tag

Amsterdam has been held at ransom by bicycles for way too long. They've become a 'health hazard' and the council has decided to give the City, drastic, Angioplasty treatment.  'Special Forces' have been sent out to 'tag and drag' illegally parked bicycles or their rusty 'leftovers'. You get two weeks to save your precious means of transport, so Be Warned!

this one got away