Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

31 August 2010

Just ½ a day in Amsterdam

Whenever I spend time in Amsterdam, I'm always amazed at how much there is to do over there.
I got to A'dam in the afternoon and then Eric and I went to one of the best films I've seen in a loooooong time: 'El secreto de sus ojos' (the secret in their eyes). It's really worth going to, so I hope y'all can see it. For Dutch reviews, click on Films (Eric), under 'Links' (right hand column).

The Secret in Their Eyes

After that we met up with Sjors and Lillan at a restaurant of their choice.
However, when they walked in, they got 'decibelled' by a sound which only 'hundreds' of little, screaming kids can produce, and changed their mind.
They decided that few people could be that 'child-friendly' and took us to a nice restaurant called Zabayon instead click here for menu (also in English). They served some 'alternative' but good food  (i.e. creme of corn soup, with a deep fried wonton, filled with goats cheese floating in the middle). The service was very friendly and, more importantly, we had fun.
A nice meal at Zabayon
Sjors and Lillian took their turn in going to see 'El secreto de sus ojos' (it's so good, I feel I can mention it at least twice) and Eric and I cycled home, only to run into the 'Uitmarkt' (loads of outdoor events all over Amsterdam) on the way.
We 'parked' our bikes and watched a fantastic, outdoor, Live Soul Music concert, together with hundreds  of people there and thousands of others who were watching it on tv from the comfort of their homes.
It turned out that we were standing right next to the 'box' where all the interviews were being filmed 'live'! Highlight of that moment were 'The Trammps' (remember them? Disco Inferno, Hold back the night, etc.)
The Trammps at the 'Uitmarkt'
Just another 'ordinary' day in Amsterdam

25 August 2010

'Lace of Hearts' necklaces

Silver 'Lace of Hearts' is what I've called this line of my jewelry.
Every heart (Sterling Silver) has been shaped and (beaten) by hand, separately. Here are just a few examples.



23 August 2010

Sail Amsterdam 2010

Sail Amsterdam is an event which happens every 5 years.
It's all about the gathering together of a lot of Tall Ships from all over the world which will then sail into the city on the river 'IJ', surrounded by thousands of smaller (to tiny) boats. All of this under the watchful eye of our Crown Prince Alexander.
Last Thursday, the 19th of August, it took place again.
As it happens, Eric lives on 'het IJ', the river that runs through the heart of Amsterdam. What an opportunity to be able to see these magnificent ships glide by! We had 'front row seats' in his very appartment.
I decided to go the night before, to escape the mayhem on the roads on the day itself. That evening we were treated to an outdoor concert of Sea Shanty singers on the building's terrace. It was a warm evening and our windows were open. Then suddenly this beautiful music filtered through the air and 'wafted' into the lounge. We decided to go downstairs and listen up close...'t was heavenly.
Eric had invited family (+ some of their friends) over to join us the next day. We made sure there was enough food and drink in the house, planted ourselves in front of the windows and enjoyed the amazing view. At times it felt, like we could reach out of the windows, and almost touch the stays, supporting the immense masts.
Het 'IJ' had turned into a slow moving mass of boats of all shapes and sizes. Loud music emulated from many of the boats below, some even had live acts (on a space of 1.5 sq. metres). For video and sound effects go to very bottom of page.
                    Front Row Seats!

The first ship was the 'Stad Amsterdam' with Crown Prince Alexander on board. 
Stad Amsterdam
All sailors danced in sync. to a beat
(without falling down)
Environmentally friendly 'space ship'
with TWO rotating booms

Bring on the Bubbly and 'yummyness'
A creative moment
There were boats of all shapes and sizes. St. Nick. turned up. There were tropical islands, tiny boats with lamps, couches and mooring-masts (incl. seagull), a sailing portable loo, etc.

The Dutch do love a party!
Tropical Island
spot the lamp and seagull
Saint Nicolas and 'zwarte Pieten'
Portable Loo

Here's a short video. Turn up the volume and you will hear the sound coming from all the boats, incl. some Dutch voices in the backround.

15 August 2010

The Work place

Isn't life amazing?
I talk to a friend about wanting to set up my own little work place again and she just happens to have a brother who want's to sell all his gold smithing equipment.
Once the go ahead was given, and with a lot of help from my wonderful friend, it took almost three days in total to set the whole thing up from scratch. Everything is in place now.
So now it's..Full steam ahead!!!

Today, my first soldering done (of a ring) in ages. To have the burner going and 'directing' the shape and heat of the flame with my breath (the old fashioned way)...Pure bliss!

09 August 2010

Birthday + dinner at Han Ting

Yep, I celebrated my birthday last Thursday and Friday. Both were good days of fun with family and friends.
I feel completely spoilt and the living room looks lovely with so many bouquets of flowers, dotted around the place.

I started writing down all the names and presents of family and friends, but have changed my mind.
Thank you all (you know who you are) for the amazing presents. Also for cards, messages, texts, etc.

Friday evening, Dick treated us to a very special dinner at the Han Ting restaurant, The Hague. As this is also a blog about food/restaurants, here's a little write-up.
The interior is very Chinese, but the 'cuisine' is a mixture of mostly French and Chinese ingredients. The restaurant is known as one of the best of its genre in Europe and I have to say that the food and service were very good and pleasant.

We were given chopsticks and cutlery and although all of us are quite 'handy' with chopsticks, we felt that the dishes we had needed the cutlery.
There were were some new and 'creative' dishes which still tasted fantastic. 
Good choice of wines too (also per glass).
For more information (English translation, italic), click here 

Nibbles and drinks on the balcony, before we went to Han Ting.

I can't 'talk' about a restaurant and not show you pictures of some of the dishes, so here goes (taken with new birthday-camera).

An amuse of spicy tomato soup and a 'torentje' of crab with a slice of jelly made from chinese vegetables and soy sauce (above).

Two very differently prepared pieces of filet of Sole. One spicy and the other creamy. Accompanied with beautifully crafted 'leaf-bowls' filled with sticky rice and herbs (top, right corner of picture above).

My generous family

03 August 2010

Dog collar?

I was staying at a friend's house, trying to take some pictures of my jewelry in her garden, when she decided to put one of my necklaces around her dog's neck. The dog was an exemplary model and, funnily enough, the necklace looked rather good on her.
Here's the proof of it.

Quartz Crystal necklace and heart, with Amazonite cabochon.

Also a beautiful, green Tourmaline necklace with handmade bead (cast from a fossil).
Very comfortable to wear.

01 August 2010

How does he do it?

As we were on our way to the cinema to see (Mr.) Greenberg, we ran into Mr. Ramana, on het 'Leidse Plein', last week.
Well... we didn't actually run into him, or he would have toppled over but we did 'skirt around him'.
There were many of 'us onlookers', trying to figure out how he did it (some in very inventive ways). It was quite fun to watch and, trick or no trick, the guy managed to sit still in the same position for a looooooooooong time, which in itself is quite a feat.
So here he is (click on photo's for clearer picture).