Photographs, Jewellery, Food and Life by Son Memelink

31 March 2011

Visit and sight seeing I/ Restaurant

I'm late with this blog but then it's been a crazy time with lots going on, in the world and in my life.

Thankfully I had my friend Caroline (Cal) come over for a visit from England. It was great to have this special friend stay with me for a few days and take my mind of all the things that need doing. We chatted (lots), tried out strange restaurants and went on a touristic sight-seeing-spree.

Cal and I chose a restaurant with Arabian cuisine called Nomads. We didn't quite know what we were letting ourselves in for but liked the idea of a bit of an adventure.  We headed for Amsterdam, and picked up a slightly apprehensive Eric. It was quite an experience. We were escorted to and 'inner room' where we were asked to take off our shoes and lie back on  'lounge-like' couches. The food was served on large, round, decorated, metal serving trays. Most of it was quite good but there were one or two dishes which were just 'tasteless'. The interior was pretty amazing and the atmosphere had a touch of a market place, where we were offered a massage or tarot card reading (NOT my thing). There was a beautiful belly dancer who managed to dance between the 'tables', while we were drinking some potent cocktails.
All in all, if you're willing to 'just go with the flow', it is an enjoyable experience. Have a look by clicking on rest. Nomads (choice of english translation).

Visit and sight seeing II/Madurodam

As for the sightseeing-bit. Well.....we went to Madurodam. This is a place where one can see in detail many old and new buildings located in Holland, but then in miniature size. It was more impressive than I thought it would be, the weather was good and we enjoyed ourselves. For more info. click on: Madurodam or just let the pictures speak for themselves.
The last picture shows Cal checking out our House of Parliament 'Het Binnenhof'. An hour later we were actually admiring the real thing in The Hague, which made it extra special. For a better impression, please click on the pictures.

Dutch House of Parliament

13 March 2011

Polder Picture

This month's picture was taken, in the polder behind the farm where I live. Our farm borders on a huge bird reserve and I took this picture on a walk through the reserve, several weeks ago. It shows the typical FLAT countryside of Holland. All of it below sea-level. At the moment thousands of Canada Geese and hundreds of swans are gathering there. you can hear them honking from a long distance away.
This sculpture was place there last year. (for best result, click on picture)

03 March 2011

Strange things in the windows of the 'Farm'

I was wandering around outside with my camera and got intrigued by the weird things which the owner of the farm displays in the windows of the front part of the barn. Even though it had been raaaaiiiiiningggggg for 'weeks', I thought they would make fun pictures (I actually like the effect of the rain on the windows) and would also show you more of the place where I live.
The owner used to store loads of cheese in the barn and would sell them at farmers markets, hence the scales and cheese in the left window (right).
For better effect click on the photographs.

This poor shark's jaw was bought by the owner at a fish market in Kenya! How he got it through customs is a mystery to me. Not sure why he placed it in the window... maybe he's trying to tell us something...